Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Another one bites the dust

I have had this image hanging around on my hard-drive for the right opportunity. I guess its now or never! Word has hit the wires that Cory is moving on from the God of War team. Its a pain, as it is in any job. Losing key members of the team is a blow. But God of War is about more than any one person and the team will continue to work hard to make more great games in this franchise. Now we are looking at shuffling around some responsibilities to fill the hole that exists. Its not exactly fun, but its also not the first time that any of us have had to do this.

I just did a quick count looking at the original credits list for God of War 1 and realized that more than 30 of the people on that are still working here on #3. Amongst many others, that includes the entire programming team.

Best of luck to Cory in his future endeavours, which i am sure will not include spokesmodel for a popular hamburger chain.